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Why do we wash with ice cold water?!

Hey guys.

To be honest I am so glad you're reading this because I am about to change your life.

Let me explain and put things into perspective.

I want you to think about what happens to the pores of our skin when we wash with hot, steamy water. Well, guess what!! Your hair has pores too! (Scientifically called the cuticle, but pore is easier to explain.)

So, when we use hot water on our skin, it opens the pores and allows our natural oils and moisture to slip out. Check out my pic below.

In the pic above, I have shown what the hair pores look like under hot and cold water.

In hair strand #1, you can see the size of the color molecules. When you color your hair, you mix together permanent color and developer.

Developer opens the pores and allows the hair color to penetrate the hair pores. Then, we rinse your color with ice cold water to seal the hair pores closed and to lock in that color.

When we wash fresh hair color with hot, warm, or even luke warm water, we are opening the hair pores, allowing all the color pigment and shine to fade much quicker.

Cold water ladies! Great for the hair and skin!

xoxoxo Mel

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