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Taking Care of Your Extensions

Hey ladies. Let's talk about hair care at home. Extensions are not cheap, and so we don't use cheap products on them. EVERYTHING OLAPLEX.

-Your heat never needs to exceed 280 degrees. (If you feel like your hair isn't cooperating, try taking smaller sections. Your section should never be longer or wider than the barrel of your hot tool.)

-Always apply heat protectant before applying heat to your hair.

-Braid your hair every night before bed. Always use a satin scrunchy. I also recommend investing in a satin pillowcase.

-You never brush your hair when its soaking wet. When you do brush/comb your hair, hold the wefts tight to your head with one hand so you aren't pulling on your scalp.

-Wash maximum of twice a week.

-Always keep a wide tooth comb on hand. I recommend doing a thorough comb through twice a day.

-No high ponytails. You can try but in my personal opinion they are heavy and put too much tension on the scalp. Low ponytails, braids, low buns with hats. But for the most part, just wear it down.

-I do recommend using a blow-dryer and large round brush to cut your drying time in half.

Always finish each blow-dry section with cool air from your blow-dryer for 10 seconds to avoid frizz and help keep volume/shine.

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