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Why Choose Olaplex?

Let's start by talking about what Olaplex is. I will break it down below.

-So imagine each individual piece of hair is a ladder (like a ladder used to climb a roof) and every time we use heat or harsh chemicals on our hair, we are breaking down steps in that ladder. If the top step breaks, the whole ladder is kaput.

So recap- When we use heat and chemicals, we are breaking down the steps in our hair.

What Olaplex Does- Olaplex actually goes into the hair and repairs those broken steps in our ladder.(Check the diagram below to see the ladder analogy)

*Scientifically speaking- olaplex is going in and reattaching the disulfide bonds. This single molecule (aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate) is one of a kind and patent protected to go into the hair and seek out damage,

Who Can Benefit From Olaplex?

Anyone who has hair!

But seriously. In my professional opinion and personal experience, Olaplex is best for chemically treated hair(lightening and permanent hair color) and naturally curly hair. I don't recommend this shampoo and conditioner for anyone who has natural(virgin) and fine hair. However, there are other products in their line that you can use. I love everything about Olaplex but if you have very fine hair, it can seem to weigh it down a bit. Instead try a light volumizing shampoo from my online store.

Different Olaplex Products

Number 1- For salon professionals only. Basically, this makes sure no further damage happens to you hair when going through the chemical process.

Number 2- For salon professionals only. This is used after the chemical process has been rinsed and shampooed. It has to be combed through all the way. This is the most important process because its basically healing the hair after a chemical service.

Only go to a stylist that uses OLAPLEX.

Number 3- This mask is available for clients to purchase online or in stores. Its basically the same as number 2, but a little more "diluted".

Number 4- Olaplex shampoo! Smells amazing. This is best used as a whole system to heal the hair. This shampoo is special because it is still healing your hair even after you rinse it out.

Number 4P-Purple Shampoo!

Number 5- Olaplex conditioner! Use this after every shampoo.

Number 6- Bond Smoother aka. leave in conditioner. I use this after every wash. It's very concentrated so you only need about a pea size or maybe two depending on hair length. This can also be applied on dry hair to calm frizz and unruly flyways.

Number 7- Bond Oil aka. heat protectant. This is a dry oil that is very concentrated so you only need a few drops depending on your hair length. Apply this with the number 6 at the same time to damp clean hair before a blowout or air dry.

** There are other Olaplex products not listed because they all do the same thing.

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