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Tips For At-Home Styling

Today I'm going to share with you my favorite tips and tricks that i use personally on myself and also on clients! Let's start with the basics:

1) Wash your hair with ice cold water. That means shampoo, condition, and rinse, all in cold water. By doing this, we are sealing the cuticle, preventing the color from fading, preventing frizz, and keeping your scalp from flaking.

Think about it like this: Our skin has pores. When we use scalding hot water, our skin feels dry, flaky, and it completely strips our natural oils. When we use cold water, we are tightening the skin, closing the pores, and allowing our oils to replenish quickly. It is the same concept with hair.

2) The shampoo you use matters. (Also, always use conditioner. If you shampoo, you condition.) Let me dive a little deeper.

Did you know that you aren't actually supposed to shampoo the ends of your hair? Shampoo is for the scalp only. When you condition, it is for the ends only-not the scalp. Shampoo=scalp. Conditioner=ends. When it comes to shampoo recommendations, of course Olaplex is always number one. Check out my online store to see some other options.

3) Use a heat protectant and leave in conditioner! If you are using a blow dryer, a flat iron, blowdryer brush, curling iron, any type of heat, you absolutely need a heat protectant. I exclusively recommend Olaplex #7 Heat protectant. Just a few drops of this dry oil will make a huge difference,

As far as leave in conditioner, of course i recommend Olaplex #6 bond smoother Leave in with the Olaplex #7 can absolutely change an entire look and smooth out fly aways. Put your products in your clean damp hair after a shower, even if you aren't styling instantly. Don't use too much- very concentrated.

4) What temperature do you put your flat iron or curling iron at? The correct answer is 260 degrees. Yes, you read that right...260! That means you need to take small sections and take your time. If you think that you need to use higher heat on bigger sections, it doesn't work that way. 360 degrees is way too high. You barely cook your chicken at that temperature, why cook your hair too??

5) For salon quality look and style, use a blow-dryer and roundbrush. It might seem tricky at first, but check out this video link below where i show you a live demo on myself!

****The main trick to a perfect and quick salon blow-dry is to blow-dry the hair 75-80% before you even get the roundbrush involved. Once the hair feels barely damp or 75-80% dry, make sections that are no bigger the the length and width of your rounbrush.

Ex- If your roundbrush is 3x4 your section also should be 3x4. blow-dry it until its pretty hot to touch, then the most important part- USE THE COOL SETTING immediately after you finish with each section. Let the cooled hair off the brush and DO NOT TOUCH IT until you're finished at the very end. Even if it looks silly, just wait until the entire head is cooled off before getting your hands involved. Thank me later.

The same goes for using hot tools. Don't touch the hair when its immediately coming off the hot tool. Wait until the very end when you are finished and the hair is completely cooled.

6) Use a texture powder on your roots. When it comes down to finishing products that give volume and help hold style, i highly recommend a volume powder. You can find more information on Volume Powder at the links below.

Apply a few pumps in clean 2 inch sections around the crown of the head.

7) Ditch the hairspray. Instead, try a texture spray or wax spray! If you just want the tousled sexy bed head look, try a dry shampoo instead. Apply the fry shampoo like you would apply the texture powder- clean 2 inch sections made with a comb or clip.

If you have fine hair, this technique is perfect with the texture powder and little curl with your hot tool- ready to go!

You can find my favorite recommended products at the link below.,

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